Saturday, May 11, 2013

INJUSTICE Harley Quinn alt cosplay by JiaJem

Here's a project we did for fun! You can check out the full photoshoot gallery here- Harley Quinn alt cosplay gallery: click here
These were taken in downtown Chicago, same place they filmed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight! 

Here's her site: Jia*
her deviant art: click here

Ive been a huge fan of JiaJem and her incredible cosplay and craftsmanship skills for years. Even years before we found each other in Chicago. Her attention to detail both in the way she constructs each outfit and in the way she matches that characters personality makes her fully become that character for real. Just check out her work on Jack from Mass Effect 2, Tank girl!, Leeloo, Lola from Run Lola Run, Rogue, Puma Twins, Pris, etc etc etc. Very impressive work! I'm absolutely thrilled that she chose to recreate one of my characters, Harley Quinn's alt outfit from INJUSTICE Gods Among Us. Its the most amazing thing to see how she brought this character out of the game and into the real world! :D

During her Harley photoshoot we had an idea to shoop in my Alt Joker from the videogame so that it would have a Cool World/Who Framed Roger Rabbit vibe to it. A cartoon character interacting with a real person in the real world.
Harley and Mistah J making bloody finger paint love signs with help from one of the latest victims :)

Harley's Babiez! I thought it would be cool to photoshop in some of her Hyenas wearing Joker warpaint. Have them on chains running around Gotham City!

Monday, May 6, 2013


At last the game I've been working on for the past 2 years is finally out! It was the best thing in the world to be given the chance to redesign some of the worlds most badass superheroes and villains. They wanted us to go in a live action summer blockbuster movie direction with these designs. Hope you like them!